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Welcome to Aspirations Winery!

Since 2003 we have been making Florida's best hand crafted, low sulphite wines.
All of our wines are made right here at our micro-winery located in sunny Clearwater Florida.
We produce your favorite Reds, Whites as well as the tastiest fruit-infused wines around.

Our wines are naturally fermented, right here at our location using the finest varietal grapes, that are imported from grape growing regions from around the world, non of which are Muscadine.
(sorry for you Muscadine fans)

Various selections of our wines can be purchased at different retail locations throughout central Florida.

We do offer on a limited basis our wine tasting and tour experience, which will give you an opportunity to learn all about our wines while having a great time. Reservations are required. 
(check our event calender to schedule)
(Private parties of 10-30 are also available)

We can be tricky to find so don't rely on your GPS, and the written instructions could be inaccurate toward the end.
we are located in a large industrial complex at the end of the access road that goes past ClearwaterToyota, not actually on US 19.
Click here to see map of our location

*Wedding wine favor photo by ee photography


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